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UK Providers of Plastic Wedges, Packers, Shims

One of the UK’s premiere providers of Plastic Wedges, Packers, Shims and the creators of the fantastic Wedgit brand. We are known throughout the industry for providing some of the highest quality tools for millimetre perfect plastic tools and wedges for shimming. With over 15 years’ experience of providing the trade with innovative and high precision materials for anything you could use them for. Whether it be the need for levelling internally or the need for durable external work, we have a shim for you.


Designed with you in mind no matter if you’re a joiner, a plumber or a window fitter, we understand that a wedge or a shim needs to be able to fill a variety of roles which is why our Wedgit were designed with many uses in mind, allowing you to level and align a giant range of building components.

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The Art of Levelling

The components we build into structures are not usually of such precision that adjustments are unnecessary as we fit them together. Moreover, the very best bricklayer, joiner and engineer whoever he or she may be, is fallible and must be ready to make corrective adjustments due to marginal but cumulative errors in process of construction. 

The purpose of this is to consider the means we use to measure 'true', the methods we adopt to make adjustments, and to help evaluate traditional and modern means of levelling.

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