About Us

Welcome to a window on the world of fine adjustment where we specialise in making millimetres matter. With a compatible system of interlocking plastic wedges, pedestals, plastic packers and hanger-shims or frame packers, we aim to make life simple for the builder or joiner to make accurate adjustments for level and plumb from as little as 1mm. Plastic wedges UK trademarked Wedgit® fulfil a wide range of uses bearing high point loads with long term stability and durability.

Our plastic packers, shims and adjustable interlocking wedges, have been designed with you in mind to help you make any job as easy and accurate as possible. Confidently install fittings with optimum stability and alignment. Strength and permanence and all weather performance are inbuilt with zero risk of rot or deterioration with age. These Wedgit (TM) products are reliably used in both the construction and fitting out processes as well as in remedial and restoration work. Each wedge and packer can fill a variety of roles which is why they were designed with many uses in mind, allowing you to level and align a giant range of building components.