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Product Description

Packers and shims are essential tools in construction, joinery, fitting, plumbing and many other trades. At Stadon Level, we are proud to provide a wide choice of packing shims, and solid plastic packers containing no voids and yet retaining flexibility in a range of sizes and materials. Our shims are resistant to splitting, shrinking, or rotting, and can be used in indoor and outdoor settings, making them a cost-effective option for the job in hand.

When it comes to construction trades, precision is everything. We believe that every millimetre matters, so our plastic shim packers are made with this in mind. Whether you need to hold components in place during a building project, or wedge a window in the perfect position, you will find the right fine adjustment tool for the job here.

With our custom shim service, we provide options to meet a large variety of requirements.

For industry specific packers not listed on this site, please contact us.



PACKER Shim - Yellow 5mm thickness 22.5mm width 94mm length

5mm thickness
22.5mm width
94mm length