Wedge-Cap Pedestal

Wedge-cap is a fully adjustable pedestal using a set of interlocking components. It is ideal for raising and levelling floors and decking.

Common to all pedestals is the Capital. This provides the interface between base and cap wedge and spreads the point load over a wider area enhancing stability.

The capital may be elevated by attaching Column Blocks. These extensions feature locking tags in each corner which locate with matching recesses in the base of the capital. Each Column Block provides a 35mm height extension.

There are three interchangeable colour coded Cap Wedges for fine height adjustment in 0.5mm increments (Hi-Cap, Mid-Cap and Lo-Cap Wedges). Cap wedges feature the familiar tooth like grips which prevent slipage during adjustment and also a central locating rail to ensure accurate alignment. Timbers may be nailed or screwed through the Cap Wedge into the Capital for a permanent fix.

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